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OLPC laptop heading for a price cut soon

The OLPC has struggled to meet many of its goals

The so-called $100 laptop that arguably spawned the currently popular generation of netbook PCs may just about to get closer to its price goal, as the founder of the OLPC Foundation revealed price cuts are imminent.

Nicholas Negroponte told the IHT that the One Laptop Per Child Foundation would soon cut the price of its laptop from $204 to $180 (£125). That's still some way off the $100 mark, but Negroponte says he still hopes to get there eventually.

Cheaper parts

The price cut looks likely after the US dollar recovered some of its recent fall in value and raw materials became slightly cheaper to buy from the Asian sources that make the OLPC machine.

Negroponte also gave details on the next version of the OLPC – a dual-screen model with a virtual keyboard that he hopes to sell for $75 (£52) and talked about providing free internet access to children using the machine in developing countries.