Huawei P30 launch date confirmed for March 26


The Huawei P30 launch date has been confirmed as March 26, with an event set to take place in Paris, France.

The announcement comes direct from Huawei, after it posted a short, 10-second video on Twitter teasing the announcement and confirming that we will see the "Huawei P30 Series" on that date.

We were already expecting to see both the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro at the firm's next big launch event. But with Apple introducing a third handset into its range (iPhone XR) and Samsung tipped to do the same on Febraury 20 (Galaxy S10e), we wouldn't be surprised if Huawei followed suit with a third P30 device.

Big zoom?

The video doesn't give much away as to what we can expect from Huawei's new flagship line-up, but a couple of crash-zoom shots of some of Paris' famous landmarks may be a hint at a camera feature.

Huawei has heavily focused on camera quality during its past few flagship phone launches, and we expect the Chinese firm to follow suit with the P30 series, so the zooming in the video could be a hint towards a new zoom function.

All will be revealed in just over a month's time however, and we'll be reporting live from the Huawei P30 launch to bring you all the latest news.