Got your internet with BT? Then one of these cheap mobile phone deals could be yours

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Image credit: BT
(Image credit: BT)

When you sign up for a new broadband deal, you are showered in all of the incentives, freebies and goody bags they can throw at you. But one bonus you probably don't expect is a meaty discount on your brand new mobile phone deal.

Well for those lucky few who have invested in a BT broadband deal, you now have the opportunity to grab a brand new phone at a pretty decent discount - and don't worry non-BT users, there's options for you too.

With price cuts on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 3a and the iPhone 6S, there are offers from all the big names floating around here. And with prices as low as £12/pm for BT customers and the opportunity to grab a BT Reward Card (a generous pre-paid Mastercard) there's a lot to win with these offers.

These price cut mobile phone deals in full:

Samsung Galaxy S9 | BT | FREE upfront | £35 a month or £30 for BT customers | 1GB data
The most expensive of these offers but also one of the best devices. While £35 does feel a little bit too steep, BT customers only spend £30 a month. If 1GB doesn't feel like enough data, you can jump up to 12GB for an additional £5 (£35 for BT customers/£40 for non-BT customers). Going for the bigger data package also lands you a £50 BT reward card.
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Google Pixel 3a | BT | FREE upfront | £24 a month or £19 for BT customers | 1GB data
We would say that this is the best value of all of these offers, especially for BT customers. If you're signed up with the internet provider, you only pay £19 a month (or £24 if you're internet is with someone else). Up your data to 12GB for an additional fiver and you get a £50 BT reward card to sweeten the deal.
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iPhone 6S | BT | FREE upfront | £22 a month or £17 for BT customers | 1GB data
Apple produces some expensive devices, so getting one for £17 (or £22 if you're not on BT) is a opportunity not to be missed. If you decide to up your data to 12GB, you'll be paying £22 a month as a BT customer. That makes this one of the best value offers on this list for extra data, especially considering you get a BT reward card worth £50 if you jump to the bigger data option.
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Motorola G7 Power | BT | FREE upfront | £17 a month or £12 for BT customers | 1GB data
Not quite as well known as the options above, but a Moto G7 Power deal could save you some hard-earned cash. For BT customers, you're paying just £12 a month (or £17 for the 12GB upgrade). That's an exceptional price for a smartphone this new. And like all of the options above, if you do decide to upgrade to more data you'll be gifted a £50 BT reward card, effectively knocking the price down to just £14.91.
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And these are today's best BT Broadband deals: