Get a new Google Pixel 3a deal from Argos for just £3.99...but there's a big catch

Google Pixel 3a deals
Image credit: Google

Imagine if you could pay just £3.99 for the brand new Google Pixel 3a, sounds great right? Well for 50 lucky Google fans, that will soon become a reality - let us explain. 

To celebrate the launch of Google Pixel 3a deals, most retailers have been offering the incentive of free laptops and Google swag. But Argos has gone a slightly different route. 

If you go to Argos' website and fill out a quick form before 11.59pm on Monday May 20, you could get yourself a 99% discount on the new Google device. While that's an incredible discount, we are going to very briefly stamp on your dreams...only 50 people can win this absolutely ridiculous offer.

While you could very well be one of the prestigious 50, if luck doesn't seem to be on your side then there is a silver lining. Buying this phone without the discount is cheap enough, coming in far below other smartphones and a look through our Google Pixel 3a deals page will show you all of the different incentives and freebies up for grabs.