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The week in phone deals: Amazon vouchers, Galaxy S9 trade-ins and cheap iPhone SEs

The BIg Deal - Amazon vouchers, cheap Galaxy S9 deals and SIMO offers

We can't bring to mind who it was that coined the phrase "A week is a long time in mobile phone deals", but we assume it must have been a wise and prescient philosopher of some sort. And The Big Deal can certainly verify the veracity of the statement, and never more so than this week.

It’s been seven days during which Vodafone has bandied around Amazon vouchers with SIM only plans, O2 released some fresh new tariffs, and folk have been flocking to betray their trusted old mobile in favour of the new Samsung Galaxy S9.

If that leaves you with an alarming sense of ennui and some serious FOMO, then fear not – The Big Deal has collated all the hottest phone deals news of the week, and summarised it here for your money-saving convenience.

Amazon for tenners?

Get a £10 Amazon voucher with our exclusive Vodafone SIM only deal

We kicked off the week with an offer from Vodafone that's hot enough to thaw a snow drift – and it's exclusive to TechRadar readers. You can get yourself a £10 Amazon voucher when you go for a Vodafone SIMO deal, and it looks a little bit like this:

3GB SIM from Vodafone

3GB SIM from Vodafone | 12-month contract | 3GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £10 Amazon voucher | £8pm
Vodafone has agreed to send TechRadar devotees a £10 voucher if you sign up for its great-value 3GB of data (and all-you-can-eat calls and texts) for £8 a month SIM. Just click the link, pop in your email address and select the 3GB tariff – easy!

Deal ends on Sunday March 25

Easter come early

The Early Easter Sale from Amazon is now on

Talking of Amazon, the omnipresent online retailer launched its Easter Sale nearly two weeks before the holiday, the sales equivalent of hearing The Fairytale of New York in your local Asda… in October.

Among the mobile phone deals available are 15% of the Samsung Galaxy S8, 25% off Honor phones, the Sony Xperia XA1 for £170 and loooooooads of cut-price chargers, cases and accessories.

Not floating your boat? Well, it's likely that Amazon will add further discounts over the weekend, so it may be an idea to bookmark the Amazon sale page and keep checking back for more bargains. But don't hang about – despite the name, the Easter Sale ends on Monday, March 26.


Carphone Warehouse-owned iD has cheap iPhone SE deals

Full disclosure: we’ve got a real soft spot for the iPhone SE. It's now matured for almost two years (like a fine Burgundy), and the price somehow continues to come down (unlike a fine Burgundy).

Carphone Warehouse’s in-house network iD has the cheapest prices on the market, with a new tariff that’s well worth a look. Its prices start at a mere £15.99 per month with nothing to pay upfront, which includes a 500MB data allowance, although we prefer iD’s £18.99pm iPhone SE deal, which gives you 2GB of data each month.

Fancy the cheap iPhone but want to go with a bigger name, like EE or Three? Then head to our best iPhone SE deals page for all of today’s best prices.

Save on your S9

Trade-in your phone to save on your new Galaxy S9 deal

As The Big Deal reported last week, you can save hundreds of pounds on your new Samsung Galaxy S9 deal by waiting just a few months before you buy. But you didn’t get where you are today by waiting to buy a new smartphone, did you? Well, apparently there’s another way people are saving cash on their new S9.

The website – the self-proclaimed ‘quick and easy way to get cash for your stuff’ – is reporting a 120% increase in the number of smartphone trade-ins for cash since the Galaxy S9 was announced on February 26. That shoots up to a 184% increase in iPhone X trade-ins.

Considering that sites like are offering to buy used iPhone X handsets for as much as £720, that goes most of the way to paying for a £739 SIM-free Galaxy S9.

Yo-yo your data

O2's Refresh tariffs allow you to yo-yo your data allowance

Taking back control – that’s something British people love (or at least 52% of British people). And that’s what O2 will let you do thanks to its Refresh tariffs, which are being rolled out to all new and existing customers of the network.

Opt for one of O2’s Refresh 1GB to 50GB tariffs and you’ll have the opportunity to move your data allowance up and down from month to month, just like a – you've guessed it – yo-yo.

You can use your Refresh plan data, calls and texts in more than 75 countries worldwide, including the usual selection of EU countries together with the likes of the US, Australia and New Zealand. So now there’s no excuse not to call your mum when on your hols. Blame O2, not us.

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