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The best Moto G6 deals in October 2020

We love it when a phone like the Moto G6 comes along. Don't get us won't see us spouting inverted snobbery, decrying high-end smartphones. But when a phone as good as the Moto G6 comes along for these kind of prices, we get some serious feels.

The Moto G7 may now be available but if you're looking at the Moto G6, we're guessing you're somebody who regards great value as highly as you do screen pixels and RAM. That's where we can really get along, you and us, because we're listing the very best Moto G6 deals you can currently buy.

And for this relatively low amount of money, don't start thinking you'll be short-changed. We've already reviewed the Moto G6, and we love it. The design belies the meagre price tag and the display is as bright and clear as on many more expensive handsets. The quibbles we have are fairly minor and far outweighed by the pros - quibbles that may just be resolved by the new Moto G7.

But you can read more about all that at the bottom of this page, where you'll see a potted version of our review. Before that, you'll see our Moto G6 price comparison where you can hand-pluck the tariff that best suits your needs. As well as a list of retailers flogging SIM-free Moto G6 phones.

Unlocked Moto G6 SIM-free deals

£220. That's it. That's all you need to spend to get a SIM-free Moto G6 handset delivered to you and ready to insert a SIM card.

Or at least that's all you used to have to pay. Pretty much every retailer out there has discounted substantially from the original RRP, meaning that you can now buy a SIM-free Moto G6 for loads less than £200.

And if you have the cash to splash at the outset, it's by far the cheapest way to own the Moto G6 over the course of the next two years. Team it up with one of our best SIM only deals and the whole thing will come to less than £300 for 24 months all in. If you're looking to save the pennies, then definitely consider this route before you commit to a contract. Those pounds will take care of themselves, right?

Moto G6 review in brief

Budget price, premium feel - brilliant bargain mobile

Screen size: 5.7-inch | Resolution: 1080 x 2160 | Rear camera: 12MP | Weight: 167g | OS: Android 8 Oreo | RAM: 3GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 3000mAh

Impressive 18:9 screen
Delightful design
Erm...the price
Camera is slow

The Moto G6 obviously won't knockout the big boys, but it's not far off from sparring with them. It's a solid smartphone with the kind of features that most modern users have come to expect, but with a price tag you probably hadn't.

The Full HD+ screen is the real standout, matching the likes of more expensive phones. It has an 18:9 ratio, which gives it the same kind of look as flagship phones, and it boasts almost immaculate clarity. On top of that, there's the dual-sensor camera on the rear, a fast charging battery and more. You could do a lot worse, but will struggle to do a lot better - especially at the price, and at least until the Moto G7 comes along.

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