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The best Google Pixel 4 deals and Pixel 4 XL deals in September 2021

Google Pixel 4 deals are the brand's latest choice, providing an exceptional camera performance, affordable pricing, early software upgrades and Google's pure version of Android.

With all of this in mind, the Pixel 4 and larger Pixel 4 XL hit a lot of the factors that are going to matter most to a user of Android phones but of all of the features, the Pixel 4's camera is the one to get most excited about.

Realistically, on paper there is nothing all that exciting. You're getting a 12.2MP lens and a 16Mp telephoto lens. What makes it impressive is the software that Google employs.

The Pixel 4 takes extraordinary shots without a whole lot of effort. Point, shoot and you're likely going to get a stunning pic. So, Google Pixel 4 deals (and Pixel 4 XL deals) have great cameras and good software, how much do they cost.

Since it launched, we've seen prices fall drastically, offering somewhat of a bargain on both of these devices. You can now quite easily get the Pixel 4 in the £20/£30 a month mark without dumping much upfront.

Of course, like everything in this world, the Pixel 4 isn't perfect. It falls behind over Android devices for battery life, it lacks a fingerprint sensor and it isn't quite as powerful as flagships from other brands like Apple or Samsung.

Weigh up the wins and losses here and Google Pixel 4 deals feel like one of the best Android choices around right now. You can find out more below.

Compare Google Pixel 4 deals and Google Pixel 4 XL deals

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Trading in your old phone for money off the Pixel 4:

To cut down your bills when investing in the Google Pixel 4, you can always trade in your old phone. Whether its in a brand new condition, slightly scratched or completely unusable, there are lots of sites that will sell it on - Sellmymobile is one of the best.

It compares different recycling sites, listing their TrustPilot scores, how long it will take for you to get paid, how you send your phone and of course, how much you'll get.

In terms of what you can earn, taking the Samsung Galaxy S8 as an example, you can get up to £126 for a working device or £32 for a completely broken device. A Google Pixel 2 would fetch you £66 or an iPhone 6 could land £35.

Read our sell my phone guide to find out more

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Google Pixel 4 review

(Image credit: Future)

Google Pixel 4 review in brief

Google's improvement on the best camera phone

Screen size: 5.7-inches
Resolution: 1080 x 2160
Rear camera: 12.2MP + 16MP
Weight: 162g
OS: Android 10
Storage: 64GB/128GB
External storage: No
Battery: 2800mAh
Reasons to buy
+Incredible camera +Adaptable OLED screen+Increased processing power
Reasons to avoid
-No headphone jack-Still lots of bezels 

The Google Pixel 4 offers a number of innovative features and major upgrades. It's the first phone to fully implement motion sense features, allowing you to use the phone with gestures.

The processor has seen a major improvement, finally bringing the Pixel range up to competitive standards of RAM. The OLED screen has seen major improvements, now capable of 90 HZ and offering ambient EQ technology to adjust the screen to your environment.

And most importantly, the camera is better than ever, offering its new 'astrophotography' feature, a second front lens, improved camera software and increased colour detection.

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Google Pixel 4 deals: FAQ

Which device should I go for - the Pixel 4 or 4 XL?

So you know you want one of Google's new devices, but which should you choose? There are only two differentiating factors - cost and specs. The Google Pixel 4 will cost you roughly £100 less than the larger model but it will come with a smaller display, battery and a few other drops in features.

In essence, the Pixel 4 is for those on a budget and the 4 XL is for those who want the best that Google can offer.

How good are the Google Pixel 4 cameras?

When you invest in Google Pixel 4 deals, you're getting one of the world's best cameras, that is Google's unique selling point after all!

The brand has crammed some impressive camera software and hardware into these devices and although they aren't quite as decked-out as Samsung or Apple, Google easily competes with these brands for the top spot.

As we mentioned above, you're getting its new 'astrophotography' feature, a second front lens, improved camera software and increased colour detection, all leading to an excellent camera.

Are Google Pixel 4 deals good value?

Considering how much prices have fallen since the device was launched, the Google Pixel 4 seems like an excellent choice. It offers some impressive camera specs without driving prices to a sky-high level.

While it can't quite match up to Samsung or Apple in some other departments, its price to camera specs combo is what makes this such good value.

Should I go for the Google Pixel 4 or the older Pixel 3?

While the Google Pixel 4 is the best device from the brand yet, it is also no surprise that is the most expensive option. If you don't mind taking a drop in specs/design, you could always drop back to the older Google Pixel 3.

Both the Pixel 3 and the more affordable Pixel 3a feature far lower prices now with both handsets rapidly falling in cost. However, it is clear that neither the 3 or 3a are the pinnacle of new technology and will have you fall behind on camera specs - the most important factor with the Pixel series.

Will the Google Pixel 4 beome discounted?

With many devices, there are a few times throughout the year where prices see a major drop. While this could just happen randomly or when a retailer decides to put in a sale, there are a number of events you can expect to see Google Pixel 4 deals come down in price:

- Black Friday: The big yearly saving event, Black Friday sees phones across both Android and Apple come considerably down in price. With this in mind, Black Friday will likely be an excellent time to get the Google Pixel 4.

- Amazon Prime Day: If you're considering the SIM-free version of Google Pixel 4 deals, this could be a great way to get it. During Amazon Prime Day, the big name retailer takes an axe to the price tags of a number of big handsets - including the Google Pixel 4.

- New Google launch: The other excellent opportunity to snag a bargain is by waiting for a new launch. As soon as Google releases its Pixel 5 (or even the imminent Pixel 4a, prices should see at least a small drop. 

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