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Overwatch gets up to 60% price cut as Blizzard reveals Black Friday deals

Blizzard has kicked off its big Black Friday sale, with a hefty discount on Overwatch of up to 60%, plus a raft of further reductions at the shop.

The main event, however, is certainly Overwatch, the popular shooter where you step into the shoes of various heroes in an effort to outgun the opposing team, and Blizzard is offering a chance (well, another chance) to try the game for free (opens in new tab) from now until November 26 (next Monday).

Players partaking of the trial will get access to the full roster of 29 heroes (including the latest recruit to the roster, Ashe) and 26 maps, with a load of different gameplay modes to try.

Should you subsequently decide that you want to buy Overwatch, you can then avail yourself of the following discounts – plus there are some other nifty offers well worth highlighting, as you’ll see. All these deals run through until November 26, which is Cyber Monday at the start of next week.

Overwatch Standard Edition £29.99 £12.99 at (opens in new tab)
If you fancy the vanilla version of the team-based shooter, it’s been knocked down to a mere £12.99 which represents a beefy 57% discount.

Overwatch Legendary Edition £49.99 £19.99 at (opens in new tab)
Those who would prefer to pay a bit more for the Legendary Edition (with extra skins and other in-game goodies) will find it has been reduced to £19.99 which is a hefty 60% off.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth £39.99 £29.99 at (opens in new tab)
The latest (and seventh) expansion for Blizzard’s juggernaut MMO, which raises the level cap to 120, has had a tasty 25% discount applied.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection £49.99 £32.49 at (opens in new tab)
This Destiny 2 mega-pack boasts the core game plus the following two expansions, along with the latest expansion, Forsaken, the biggest add-on for Destiny 2 yet, all with a discount of 35% applied.

Check out the rest of Blizzard’s Black Friday offers here (opens in new tab), including some classics such as Diablo III at half price (opens in new tab).

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