Apple TV Plus just cancelled the hit show Swagger despite its 96% Rotten Tomatoes rating

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Despite great reviews, Apple TV Plus has decided not to renew Swagger after its second season. The show, created by Reggie Rock Bythewood and made by the team from Friday Night Lights, followed a basketball prodigy trying to overcome the odds and made for gripping TV. It has an average Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 93% and an audience rating of 96%. But presumably the viewing numbers weren't enough, and Apple TV Plus has decided to cancel it.

Posting on Instagram post, seen by Deadline, Bythewood said: "What an amazing adventure. In our two seasons, we have launched careers, disrupted genre, brought forth humanity through our characters, told stories we care deeply about, revolutionized the way to shoot basketball and had fun. That’s a blessing... Apple, while you are not ordering a season three, I made the show I wanted to make. Thank you for that."

Why it's a shame to see Swagger cancelled

Swagger wasn't like some of the best Apple TV Plus shows. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the show featured some really innovative filming – even putting a camera operator on rollerblades to capture the action – and while season two wasn't quite as intense as the first season, it still won lots of positive reviews. 

Collider praised the wider context of the show, saying: "Season two of Swagger makes it absolutely clear that some messages must keep getting repeated, and some points will always have to be made. Black and POC’s victories and accomplishments need to be celebrated and normalized every single time and never taken for granted." It also noted that the show still worked if you were only there for the basketball. 

Although it's a shame there won't be more Swagger, the good news is that the end of season two doesn't leave you hanging. As Collider wrote, somewhat presciently, "even if the series isn’t renewed for season three – the finale could wrap up the series all on its own – the message has been heard loud and clear."

The first two seasons of Swagger are still available to stream on Apple TV Plus

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