The first new Invincible season 2 heroes and villains have been revealed – here's what you need to know

Mark Grayson prepares to punch one of the Mauler Twins in Invincible season 2
Invincible's character roster is getting even bigger in season 2 (Image credit: Prime Video)

The first of Invincible season 2's new superpowered characters have been revealed – and their unveilings have made me giddy for the hit show's return.

Prime Video's wildly successful R-rated superhero series is less than a month away from flying back onto our screens. And, as the clock ticks down to Invincible season 2's highly anticipated debut, Amazon Studios has started releasing the first details about the latest additions to its cast.

Since Monday (October 9), Amazon has unveiled five new characters – both heroes and villains – who'll feature in Invincible's sophomore season. First up was the revelation that Tatiana Maslany (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law) would be voicing three individuals in season 2, including Queen Lizard, who she previously played in Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, a TV special that aired on Amazon's primary streamer in July.

But, as I alluded to, Maslany won't just reprise her role as the villainous Queen Lizard in one of the best Prime Video shows. As revealed by io9, Maslany will lend her vocal talents to General Talia, a superhero who's described as "a decorated general for the Coalition of Planets with a zero-tolerance policy for Viltrumite aggression. She keeps her private life private – for now". 

The same outlet also confirmed that Maslany would also portray Queen Aquaria, who is the "sole monarch of the Atlanteans and their undersea kingdom after her husband, Aquarus, was murdered by Omni-Man. A beloved leader who rules with an iron fin, she seeks retribution for her husband’s death – through unconventional means."

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A day later, ScreenRant had the honor of unveiling the character played by Jay Pharoah (The Mitchells vs the Machines) – Bulletproof – to the world. A new addition to the Guardians of the Globe, Bulletproof is a superhero who can fly, and who is also impervious to harm. 

Fans already had an inkling that Bulletproof would line up alongside Invincible and his fellow superheroes after leaked concept art (thanks to Reddit for the find) appeared online in July. Still, it's pleasing to see the character – real name Zandale Randolph – show up, especially as he played a major role in the comics created by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, and Cory Walker.

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Finally, yesterday (Wednesday, October 11) saw the debut of Shapesmith, the character Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog) will voice (per Another newcomer to the Guardians of the Globe, Shapesmith has the ability to metamorphosise into – well, actually, that would be spoiling things. What I can say is that fans might want to go back and rewatch Invincible season 1 to try and work out who (or what) Shapesmith really is.

If you'd rather not ruin the surprise for yourself, here's a brief character description courtesy of Amazon: "With the shapeshifting powers his name suggests, he springs into the superhero scene seemingly out of nowhere. Except, why does he eat candy with the wrapper on?"

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Those cast reveals aren't the only ones we've learned since 2023 began. In January, Amazon confirmed that a big Walking Dead star had been added to Invincible season 2's cast, though it's unclear who he'll play. The release of the second season's official teaser in late July – Invincible season 2 is one of Prime Video's late 2023 shows that'll make me cancel my Netflix subscription – also confirmed that Peter Cullen (Transformers) would voice Thaddeus, the only Viltrumite warrior to turn his back on his tyrannical superhuman race.

There's been plenty of other news surrounding Invincible season 2 in the lead-up to its November release. Kirkman has teased that Invincible season 2 will reveal the 'terrifying' impact of Omni-Man's desertion of Earth, while Amazon exclusively told TechRadar that Invincible hasn't secretly been renewed for a fourth season. Here's hoping another installment (seasons 2 and 3 were announced simultaneously in April 2021) will be revealed in due course.

Invincible season 2 premieres on Prime Video on Friday, November 3. New episodes air weekly until the mid-season finale on December 2, with season 2 volume 2 releasing in early 2024.

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