Macally Sportivo Sleeve

Strap your nano to your arm, then get fit!

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Our Verdict

Listen to great music while you keep fit, instead of all that wheezing and panting!


  • Handy and effective
  • Stays in place


  • Wearing on the wrist can be quite uncomfortable
  • No control pad

Have you managed to keep up any fitness-related New Year's resolutions? Yes? Then as a reward, here's something you could buy yourself to keep you going. It's a protective case for the latest iPod nano that works as either an upper armband and wristband, and holds the iPod tight to your body as you move about - it didn't come loose during a quick jog around the park.


We preferred using the upper armband rather than the wrist position, which seemed to trap more sweat. It's easy to remove one of the straps in preference of the other. It didn't pinch, as some products can, but you'll want to wear it over a T-shirt. It was easy to change the length of the strap quickly, but be careful not to wear it too tightly!

We've seen similar models around that come with a control pad so that you can easily change the tunes or pause; this Sportivo model doesn't have that luxury.