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iPods served up at top British restaurant

Warm apple pie

Customers at a three-star restaurant in Berkshire are to be given Apple iPods to listen to while they eat their meals. Top chef Heston Blumethal is to provide iPods with soothing ocean soundtracks to customers who order his new dish 'Sound of the Sea'.

The dish, to be served at the Fat Duck restaurant , is a combination of assorted seafood and edible seaweed on top of a sandy tapioca mixture.

"I did a series of tests with Charles Spence at Oxford University three years ago, which revealed that sound can really enhance the sense of taste," Blumenthal told Square Meal magazine.

He said that the sound of the sea played through an iPod can enhance the flavours of the food in his restaurant.

Musical enhancement

"We ate an oyster while listening to the sea and it tasted stronger and saltier than when we ate it while listening to barnyard noises, for example," he went on.

Blumethal has not yet confirmed whether he has any plans to serve a dish consisting of rare steak to the sound of the American chart toppers 'Smash My Brother's Face In'. We live in hope.