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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is one-of-a-kind in its price range; from its stunning bezel-less design and powerful hardware under the hood to an excellent display and impressive battery life, it has all the elements to justify the very reasonable price.

Even so, it's expensive when compared to other Xiaomi handsets and doesn't have this sector of the market all to itself. The most notable rival is the recently-released and similarly-priced OnePlus 5T, and every month seems to bring more mid-range challengers.

If looks could kill then the Mi Mix 2 would be an undisputed champion, but it's not perfect. MIUI takes some getting used to, there's no water or dust resistance and from a photography perspective, the phone isn't top-class.

Who's this for?

If you want cutting-edge performance and great looks but you can't afford the massive price tag Apple has slapped on the iPhone X, then the Mi Mix 2 is a solid choice.

For less than half the price of Apple's latest device you can get a very similar proposition – that massive screen really is the star of the show here and as we can attest, the Mi Mix 2 gains admiring glances from all who lay their eyes on it.

It's arguably more than a match for the iPhone X in terms of looks and pure desirability, even if it lacks brand recognition.

Should you buy it?

For under £450/$600/AU$850, the Mi Mix 2 is definitely a good deal when it comes to overall experience, processing power and design; Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 uses the same chipset but costs almost twice as much.

However, if you prefer stock Android over MIUI and don't care about the looks – and also feel a little nervous about ordering a phone from overseas – then you might be better off with the OnePlus 5T.

But while that device boasts a similar spec sheet and a large screen, it arguably lacks the drop-dead gorgeous looks of Xiaomi's offering.

First reviewed by TechRadar India, updated by TechRadar UK