LG G Watch R review

Finally, a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch

LG G Watch R review
A great timepiece that more than looks like your average watch

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The LG G Watch R has got one thing right, it actually looks like a watch. While it may not appear as premium as the Moto 360, it's personally my favourite looking smartwatch to date.

There's still a long way for Android Wear to go to become truly useful, and justifying the G Watch R's price tag is difficult.

We liked

The design will always be subjective, and while some people told me the G Watch R looked a bit cheap and plastic, I am rather taken with it.

It's unassuming and that's what I want. People catch it out the corner of their eye and instead of recoiling in horror at the ugly computer strapped to my wrist, they gloss over it thinking it's nothing more than a simple time piece.

The display is also worth shouting about. While the Moto 360 had a larger screen which made text a little larger and easier to read, the higher resolution display of the G Watch R is easier on the eye, while the P-OLED screen delivers strong colours.

Performance wise the Watch R holds in own in the market, and it bests the 360 which suffers from an underpowered chip inside.

LG G Watch review

We disliked

At two days the battery life is better than most of the Android Wear competition, but considering you don't have to charge a normal watch ever, every two days is still pretty annoying.

Add to that the fact you have to have the charging cradle with you to charge it and things can get very frustrating if you've left it at home.

The price is very steep. The LG G Watch R doesn't really offer anything additional over the G Watch, Smartwatch 3 and Gear Live - all of which are a good chunk cheaper.

Android Wear in its current form is still limited. I'm sure more functionality will be added in future software updates, but for now it still feels rather half baked.

There are certain use case scenarios which highlight the benefit of a smartwatch, but most of the time it really isn't that much effort to pick up your phone and check your notifications.


The LG G Watch R is one of the best smartwatches on the market, but it's still far from a polished device.

Android Wear needs more work, it still feels odd talking into your wrist - especially in public places - and the price tag is a hard one to swallow - especially if you've just bought a new handset.

It's difficult to really recommend any of the smartwatches currently on the market as they're yet to carve a path which makes them really a nesscessary addition to your day to day life.

Sure the G Watch R is fun to show off to your friends, and its unassuming design means it blends far better into your wrist, but should you buy one?

Only if you really, really want to.

First reviewed: October 2014

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