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Sony Xperia U review
The Sony Xperia U features a 3.5-inch screen and dual-core processor

Sony Xperia U review

The Sony Xperia U contains a battery rated at 1,320mAh, which the company says is good for 6 hours 36 minutes of talk time, or 472 hours of standby time.

Modern smartphone users will laugh themselves sick at that standby claim.

In real terms, when it's being used for Twitter and Facebook and as a camera and for all sorts of other things to alleviate our boredom, it's a surprisingly good performer.

We easily sailed through a day of relatively solid Twitter/camera/app use with the Sony Xperia U, making it one of the easiest Android phones to live with on a daily basis.

Sony provides you with a sweet little power management app, which enables you to put your phone to sleep on schedule overnight, or set battery management features to automatically turn power-hungry features off once you hit a certain level of remaining battery.

Sony Xperia U review