As with just about every smartphone these days, the Video app here is just a continuation of the camera app. The Samsung Galaxy Fame therefore includes the same black and white, sepia and negative effects alongside white balance and exposure adjustments.

Samsung has also provided the Galaxy Fame with the ability to limit video sizing for MMS, fitting in with the idea that the video isn't designed for the big screen, but more for messaging to friends.

Samsung Galaxy Fame review

That becomes even clearer when you find out that the video recording is limited to VGA resolution (640 x 480). Video recording is also at 25fps, meaning that action is not always very smooth.

In all, the video app is very lacking. Given that we see the Samsung Galaxy Fame in the mitts of the younger generation, being used at high school to record the day's nonsense, we highly doubt that any other features would have been used anyway.

Samsung Galaxy Fame review

Having a flash is not only a bonus for the camera, but also for the video. While there is no way of turning the flash on and off while recording the video, you can choose whether you want it or not beforehand. Recording with flash yields very high contrast.