LG Optimus GT540 review

Does this low cost Android handset deliver good value for money?

The definitive LG Optimus GT540 review

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LG Optimus GT540 is a perfectly adequate handset for managing contacts and making calls. When you choose the LG skin for Android, there are tiny icons for the dialler and for messaging hardwired onto the bottom of every home screen you set up, so the dialler is only usually a single tap away.

LG optimus gt540 review

When you aren't on the main screen, a tap of the physical Call button opens up the usual Contacts menu so you can access your friends easily.

If you've logged into a social networking site, you can pull in contacts from there. Three are supported – Twitter, Facebook and Bebo – and you login using the SNS (Social Networking Services) button that is on the main screen by default.

LG optimus gt540 review

Adding friends from your social networks in the contacts app is as simple as tapping the menu and choosing to import friends, although we did have a little bit of an issue with this, as for some reason our review handset didn't want to import from our Twitter account, despite being quite happy to download tweets from and upload tweets to it.

LG optimus gt540 review

Call quality is fine, although it can be a little quiet at times. We found that the connection speed was generally pretty good, although if on a bus or train the 3G signal could be slow to update.

The 3G/HSDPA signal icons are actually a little overbearing at the top - if someone wasn't sure what they all mean, then it might be a little disconcerting to see the signal letters changing so much.