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LG Optimus 7 review

Is LG's Optimus 7 the prime Windows Phone 7 handset?

LG Optimus 7
The definitive LG Optimus 7 review

LG has equipped the LG Optimus 7 with a 1500mAh battery and that's pretty capacious in smartphone terms. We found we were able to keep going for a day and a half between charges – which is more than we'd usually expect from a smartphone by 50 percent.

LG optimus 7

But as ever what you'll get in the real world is very much contingent on how you use your handset. Go wild with Wi-Fi or get going with GPS and you may find you need to recharge more often.


Like other Windows Phone 7 smartphones, the LG Optimus 7 has a good range of connectivity options. We didn't have any trouble with the Orange SIM we put into our LG Optimus 7 in terms of maintaining a signal, and voice calls weren't a problem at all.

We aren't the greatest fans of having to use the Zune software for PC connectivity and file transfer.

LG optimus 7

What's wrong with a portion of a Windows Phone 7 device's built in memory showing up as a drive for drag and drop? We'd rather not require yet another desktop app install when we really prefer simple drag and drop for file transfer.

LG optimus 7

And while we're complaining, what's with the need to connect to mains power before doing a Wi-Fi sync? That's just a barrier to make something that should be easy and painless slightly less easy and more painful.