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LG Optimus 7 review

Is LG's Optimus 7 the prime Windows Phone 7 handset?

LG Optimus 7
The definitive LG Optimus 7 review

The LG Optimus 7 is pretty social networking aware, but like many aspects of Windows Phone 7 you really need to buy into the whole Microsoft experience to make the most of it. Windows Live contacts are pulled in from the cloud, for example. You can also pull in Facebook contacts and get contacts from your SIM.

LG optimus 7

But if you want desktop Outlook sync, then you'll need to take your Outlook contacts into the cloud first, because there's no desktop ActiveSync any more.

LG optimus 7

One thing we really like is the ability to see what's new on Facebook. This is a vertically scrollable list of new posts. There's a little box telling you how many comments there have been. Tap it and you can see all the comments, and make your own. Easy, neat, fast.

LG optimus 7