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LG Optimus 7 review

Is LG's Optimus 7 the prime Windows Phone 7 handset?

LG Optimus 7
The definitive LG Optimus 7 review

Play To is LG's DLNA-based app. You can stream pictures, music or videos from the LG Optimus 7 to any other DLNA supporting device such as a TV or Windows 7 PC. Getting it to work is really easy once you're connected to a Wi-Fi network on each device.

On the LG Optimus 7 you choose Play To from the Home screen, then opt for the media type you want to transfer, wait for the phone to find your playback device – which in our case was a Windows 7 PC, and then choose what you want to stream.

LG optimus 7

LG optimus 7

The process worked really well for us, and it is a great advance on hunting around for cables when you just want to show off a few snapshots or video, or share a tune on an ad hoc basis.

LG optimus 7


ScanSearch is a little augmented reality application that's rather fun to use and could also proved quite handy at times. It is a bit like the Layar augmented reality application that Samsung puts into some of its handsets and which is a download from the Android market and app store.

The idea is that you point the screen around to get live information about things. So, if you're stuck in a strange town and you need a pizza, a hospital, a train or a hotel, you should be able to find something to meet those requirements simply by choosing that class of info from the menu then waving your handset around so that 'finds' show up on screen.

LG optimus 7

When you see a suggestion you like, tap it and details pop up on screen including full address and phone number. You can then tap again to view the place on a map, do a Google or Bing search if you want to get some more info (such as a restaurant review). You can also share any finds you make via Twitter, Facebook or email.

There's another trick too. Turn the handset towards the sky when it's in ScanSearch view and you get a weather report with a little forecast for the next few days. Now that's neat.

LG optimus 7