HTC Evo Design 4G review

For under $100, HTC and Sprint try to throw in everything but the kitchen sink – instead delivering a handset that tries too hard and delivers too little.

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HTC Evo Design 4G

As is typical with U.S. carriers, the HTC EVO Design 4G comes with a considerable amount of bloatware preinstalled.

Sprint has traditionally catered to the sports crowd, so a NASCAR app is front and center for racing enthusiasts (we definitely don't count ourselves among them), as well as Sprint Zone for accessing account information and carrier news, Sprint Mobile Wallet for shopping from an extremely narrow range of partners, the Sprint Music Plus store for songs and ringtones and the infinitely more useful Sprint TV & Movies, which includes live and on-demand movies and TV shows.

HTC Evo Design 4G

HTC also contributes its own share of flotsam here, including HTC Hub, HTC Likes, a Reader app powered by Kobo (which arrives with a selection of public domain classics preinstalled, including Bram Stoker's Dracula) and mSpot Radio, a streaming radio service that comes with a mere 24 hour preview.

HTC Evo Design 4G

A pair of GPS navigation apps are also on hand, with Google's own free Navigation on hand as well as TeleNav GPS Navigator, which actually offers a free mode that was quite serviceable. We tested both during our trip north to test 4G data speeds, using Navigation on the way there and TeleNav on the return trip; Navigation frequently dropped the GPS signal which we haven't seen much on other handsets, but TeleNav performed flawlessly, and with louder, more clear instructions.