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Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.3 review

Add a neat new Look to your film with this plug-in package

Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.3
Adding a filter has warmed up the colours in this scene, and blurred the vertical edges


  • Over 100 presets
  • Runs smoothly
  • Simple to use


  • No fine adjustment

Magic Bullet Quick Looks is a plug-in for various editing suites that's designed to simplify the process of adding grading and effects to your film footage.

It offers a number of 'looks' – preset filters to add to your film, each of which is designed to help add certain styles. The options include everything you'd expect, and one or two that might surprise you.

We quickly picked up a few favourites, such as Basic White Diffusion (great for dream sequences) and Days of Night, which is superb at converting day shots to night. It alone could be worth the money to some editors.

Crime Scene Alternate does a great job of darkening all parts of a scene that aren't directly lit, making the scene look like an X-Files episode, while the Stock Emulation filters are something film aficionados will like.

A lot of the filters aren't subtle, but the ability to take their strength down from 100% solves this issue.

The interface is intuitive, though one or two options are obscure, but the Help pane points you in the right direction. At this price, we'd say the main market for it is Final Cut Express users, since most users of higher-end applications will be after fine-grained control, which is almost totally absent here.

$99 (£64) may not be cheap for a plug-in, but if it saves you time in the editing room, then it's a bargain.

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