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Corel Digital Studio 2010 review

Tame your media collection with Corel's new all-in-one editing software

Corel Digital Studio 2010
The interface is slick, but will you miss having tighter control?

Our Verdict

A good basic package for the novice but anyone who is looking for tight control of their media would do well to look elsewhere


  • Good selection of software
  • Nice and speedy interface
  • DUD burning software
  • Touchscreen compatibility with Windows 7


  • Limited controls
  • Might leave some users wanting more

Following in the steps of packages built around Corel Draw and WordPerfect, Digital Studio 2010 is a suite of programs consisting of Paint Shop Photo Express, VideoStudio Express, DVD Factory and WinDVD.

The main image viewer is impressively fast. It's also easy to import new photos or videos into albums, but only from a local machine – there's no way of fetching media from other machines over a home network.

Image viewer

IMAGE VIEWER: The good sized thumbnails and speedy access makes this a great photo management option

Paint Shop Photo Express works fast and can make simple improvements to images.

VideoStudio Express does the same simple things for videos, such as trimming, but you can't get down to the frame level for accurate cuts.

While we can see a market for simple photo and video editors, we disagree with some of the design decisions here.

In particular, the fixed image window size and lack of basic network support are strange, and will leave more experienced users itching to go back to the old complexities.

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