Gigabyte Aivia K8100 review

A bright red gaming keyboard to stand out from your desk detritus

Gigabyte Aivia K8100
If you're not a fan of the red, there is also yellow and good ol' black choices out there

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Anti-ghosting function

  • +

    Touch volume control


  • -

    Dead key action

  • -

    Not as solid feeling as some others

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You know those times when you simply cannot find your keyboard on your desktop because it's either a) so covered with the detritus of your life nothing bar the empty coffee cups are visible or b) your keyboard is simply not a bright enough colour to stand out from the humdrum peripherals plugged into your PC? If it's the latter then Gigabyte has the answer in it's eye-wateringly colourful Aivia K8100 gaming keyboard.

If it's the former not even Gigabyte can help, it's time to stop hoarding needless junk. If we were feeling mean we could neatly segue into a discussion of how spending £50 on a colourful keyboard could easily equate to hoarding needless junk, but we're not going to because today we're being all positive. So, let's be positive about the Aivia K8100.

It comes in a nice, big, shiny box with gold lettering and, as we've already alluded to, the keyboard is very brightly coloured. This one is sporting Ferrari red, but there's also Lambo yellow as well as Porsche black options.

It's got a near anti-ghosting function which means that it allows for 20 simultaneous key presses, and has different force requirements for different key sets. And there's also a swishy touch-control for handling volume control.

Design defined

Sadly, for all its appearance that suggests gaming pretensions, it doesn't really deliver as a £50 gaming keyboard. The actual action of the keyboard itself feels dead and without urgency.

It doesn't have the honest solidness of Mionix's Zibal or the versatility of the Roccat Isku, and really does suffer by comparison. It's a decent effort by Gigabyte, but the dedicated keyboard-making competition have a serious edge.

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