PCTV Systems Broadway 2T review

The TV tuner to trump all its competitors?

Pinnacle PCTV Broadway 2T
A future firmware upgrade will enable the USB ports to attach hard or flash drives

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Easy initial setup

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    Streams over the web


  • -

    Internet access setup tricky

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    No programme guide

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The choice of ways to watch live TV on your Mac, iPhone or iPad is quite bewildering. From the free TVCatchup service to systems costing over £200, each offers something different, but most have limitations.

The Pinnacle PCTV Broadway 2T is the most versatile option we've seen as it doesn't require you to rearrange your home setup or buy extra kit. You'll need to plug it directly into your TV aerial, but it'll talk wirelessly to your router, so the two don't need to be in the same place.

Setting it up is a breeze; it's all done in a web browser on your Mac or iOS device. The steps are clear and easy to follow, and you'll be watching live TV in the browser in minutes. You can set how much network bandwidth it uses, too.

The picture quality is generally good, but there is some pixellation, even with the quality setting at its highest. There's no electronic programme guide, either.

Two devices can watch different channels simultaneously, thanks to the dual DVB-T tuner, and there are also composite, RCA and S-video inputs to which you can attach a settop box or other media player. Some of these can be controlled from your computer or iOS device using the included infrared system. The quality's never going to be great through these inputs, but unless you're going to be watching it on a vast screen, it's perfectly watchable.

The Broadway 2T can stream live TV over the internet, without your home Mac needing to be running, so you can watch TV anywhere you can get online. There are instructions to follow, but be warned: it's tricky unless you know what you're doing.

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