Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 review

One of Nvidia's best price-to-performance cards ever

GTX 1060

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Ultimately the GTX 1060 is an incredible card, and for price to performance it's one of Nvidia's best solutions we've seen to date. Not quite as value oriented as AMD's RX 480, but then it's positioned at a slightly higher end of the market place than its 14nm competition.

We liked

The GTX 1060 comes packed with features in the form of Ansel, Simultaneous Multi-Projection, and Nvidia's VR Works. Add that to the impressive improvement of performance per watt, astonishing price point and solid overclocking and Nvidia truly are onto a winner here.

We disliked

If we're evaluating the GPU and architecture alone this card would be exceptional, unfortunately this is slightly marred by that Founder's Edition bump up price and lack of SLI compatibility.

Final verdict

What is fantastic about this card is the leaps and bounds we've seen made from both sides. Sub 20nm has proven to be a winner in an era where Intel's die shrinks prove a little less thrilling. The SLI issue is a problem for those looking to improve performance later down the line, although an understandable move, and no doubt one that reduces cost.

As always the Founder's Edition still has that high price tag, but the cooler is well-rounded, looks quite classy and all in all this is a card perfectly suited for high end 1080p gaming. If you're on any of Kepler series cards, this would be the ideal upgrade.