Eizo Flexscan S2410W review

A professional among amateurs?

The Eizo Flexscan S2410W delivers truly vivid colours

TechRadar Verdict

This is not a great choice for gamers or HD lovers, but it still has some great features


  • +

    Colour rendering



  • -

    Moderate input lag

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At first glance, this Eizo 24-inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel widescreen monitor is a bit of a muddle. Despite being aimed at the professional image editing market, it packs a Samsung-manufactured PVA-type LCD screen.

Such panels are well known for delivering strong contrast and solid viewing angles. But what the pros really want is colour accuracy. And that ain't a PVA strong point.

However, thanks to high quality image processing, the S2410W's colour rendering is definitely a cut above the norm. It also boasts flawless backlighting, lovely balance and extremely vivid colours.

Pixel response is also excellent, so it's disappointing to note the presence of moderate input lag. Not a good choice for gamers and thanks to the absence of HDCP, nor for HD movie fans.

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