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Cleansafe One Year Maintenance Kit review

Make sure your laptop display stays spotless with this kit

Cleansafe One Year Maintenance Kit
This is an effective product, if you can get the packet open...

Our Verdict

An easy enough product to recommend, does the job, and at a fair price too


  • Effective and simple way to keep your screen clean


  • Careful not to spill the contents down you when opening the sachets!

Keeping your laptop's screen clean can be something of a challenge.

CleanSafe offer a wide range of products for laptop screens, most of them being in pump-action canisters. This product is for those users who are not quite sure of the right amount of cleaner to use.

Fiddly packaging

This kit consists of 12 sachets of cleaning fluid and two cleaning cloths all bundled together in a neat leather wallet.

The idea being, you can keep your screen clean over 12 months, so you have no excuse not to keep your laptop clean.

The sachets are a little fiddly to open, rather like a small coffee sachet and, being filled with liquid, you have to be careful to make sure it all pours into the cloth.

However,the results are excellent, with our tests proving it really does help get rid of grime and accumulated dust.