HyperX Cloud Alpha (2022) review

The classic headset is back and better than ever

HyperX Cloud Alpha on a table
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A standout affordable gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha has the style and comfort to match its impressive feature set. Offering impressive audio and mic quality goes a long way in ensuring multiplatform gamers have their champion.


  • +

    Great for multiplatform gamers

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    Quality design

  • +

    Great sound quality

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    Admirable mic


  • -

    A bit bass-heavy for music

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Two minute review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha of 2022 has big shoes to fill. Its predecessor provided the kind of comfort necessary for long sessions along with an audio and mic quality that brought out the best in your gaming experience. Luckily, this year’s version of the Cloud Alpha fill those shoes nicely.

It’s no wonder that these headphones rank among the best PC gaming headsets and best PS4 headsets out there. Of course, the HyperX Cloud Alpha doesn’t reinvent itself too much. The familiar black and red aluminum frame are still there, along with the 50mm chamber drivers and that wide frequency response range of 13Hz - 27,000Hz. 

There are some subtle differences such as the improved noise cancellation on the detachable microphone. And, at an asking price of $99 (£89.99, AU$159), the HyperX Cloud Alpha are more than worth a look for anyone looking for a good gaming headset capable of use with multiple platforms.

Just like other headsets the Cloud Alpha shares its DNA with, such as the Cloud Core and Cloud II Wireless headsets, it combines a simple black and red aesthetic with an incredibly tough build. For instance, the aluminum frame holding each ear cup feels incredibly strong and resilient. Even though it’s only 336g and is plenty comfortable, it can take whatever you can throw at it. In fact, this headset still looks new even after we’ve dropped and sat on it.

The detachable microphone features a poseable rod, which will allow you to position it to their liking. And if you want to take your Cloud Alpha along for a walk in the park as general headphones or aren't playing a multiplayer session, you can store the mic in a handy bag that comes included. 

Console gamers will be glad to know that the 3.5mm plug fits securely in a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 or Xbox One/ Series X|S and is just as sturdy as the headsets themselves. The braided cord can take all types of yanks without problems. PC gamers can use an included extension cable with both stereo and mic plugs. 

In-line audio controls are included and are easy to use. A rigid roller ensures adjusting volume is smooth. Small grooves on the mic on/off switch make it simple to mute your mic quickly. 

From jump, the Cloud Alpha supports virtual 7.1 surround sound, which does a great job in making games feel more immersive. The multiplatform nature of the headset allows some phenomenal experiences for different types of games. Playing Crossfire X or Gears 5 campaign on Xbox Series S provided Hollywood level audio during intense firefights. Playstation 5 games like Sifu and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart sound remarkable, despite the headset not being completely compatible with spatial audio. Even Switch games from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and Bayonetta 2 deliver. 

HyperX Cloud Alpha on a table

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On PC, you can use Razer's THX or Dolby Atmos sound drivers to give their gaming audio some kick where it matters. There's a wild rush when playing Forza Horizon 5 that's only enhanced through its audio presentation and the Cloud Alphas handle them with class. 

The same goes for playing Halo Infinite on PC where the sound helps immersion during single-player, while helping situational awareness when it’s time for Team Slayer matches. 

Communication during multiplayer sessions is clear enough for no issues, thanks to the excellent mic. This extended to other apps like Google Meet and Zoom. It makes sense: the HyperX Cloud Alpha is both TeamSpeak and Discord certified. 

One thing is for sure, it’s all about the bass with this headset. The Cloud Alpha is perfect for those more into loud contemporary pop and Hip Hop. From Rosalía's reggaeton inspired "SAOKO" to "Shmoney" by Bobby Shmurda featuring Rowdy Rebel and Quavo, the headset has a handle on everything bass heavy. 

This might be a problem for those looking for a nuanced music experience as the bass has a tendency to drown out treble and mid-tones. Listening to more soulful sounds like Moonchild's "You Got One" featuring Alex Isley or Lady Wray's "I Do" ends up sounding a bit flat.

HyperX Cloud Alpha on a table

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You are a multiplatform gamer looking for an affordable headset
The affordable HyperX Cloud Alpha features a wired 3.5mm jack that works great across Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

You need impressive sound and mic quality
Gaming performance on the headset is great and communication is clear thanks to the detachable mic. Meanwhile, general music listening provides a respectable experience. 

You require a solid yet comfortable build that can take some punishment
Breathable ear cups ensure gaming sessions can last a long time and its lightweight aluminum frame is built to survive accidents. 

Don't buy it if...

You don't like a lot of bass
The bass on the Cloud Alpha is considerably strong which could be an issue for users who want a more balanced music listening experience.

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