New Nintendo 3DS (2015) review

An all-round improved console

Image Credit: TechRadar

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Nintendo has long been boss of the handheld market, but the fact it continues to be so successful in a market now dominated by smartphones is, quite frankly, damn impressive.

The New 3DS means Nintendo should continue to hold its own for a while longer. With more power, extra controls and a reason to turn that 3D slider back up again, Nintendo's latest handheld is a welcome refresh that - despite some minor niggles - is definitely worth the upgrade.

We liked

Almost every change Nintendo has made here is welcome, and the result is a handheld that finally feels complete. The 3D is now much more consistent, meaning less headaches and a more enjoyable experience, while the C-stick gives us what we've been asking for since 2011.

We disliked

There are sadly still a few niggles. Having to remove the back with a screwdriver to change the microSD in 2015 seems crazy, the camera is still quite poor, and the name might cause some confusion for those less familiar with the Nintendo family.

Final verdict

The new 3DS makes a number of small improvements, but put together they make for a console that's definitely worth the upgrade, especially as a number of future games will be incompatible with the older model.

Faster, comprehensive, more powerful – Nintendo's best handheld finally feels complete.

Hugh Langley

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