Logitech mm50 review

Do the best things really come in small packages?

It looks much like any iPod speaker unit

TechRadar Verdict

The mm50 is a great little unit from Logitech with lovely sound and strong build


  • +

    Strong build

  • +

    Aux jack

  • +

    Wireless remote

  • +

    Great sound

  • +

    Batteries or mains


  • -

    Few input options

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Anyone who has invested in tiny satellite speaker systems will know that good sound doesn't necessarily have to come only from big speakers.

This iPod speaker is a case in point. It looks much like any iPod speaker unit, but churns out a great punch that made us sit and up and take notice right out of the box.

Our bright pop choice, the Black Eyed Peas' Hey Mama, sings through the speakers. Our classical pick, Paganini's Capricci Op. 1, played very well too. Reggae and dance had no real bass area to revel in really, but out of all the speakers, only the £200 models had a more detailed delivery.

Features are decent: there's a remote; it runs on its own rechargeable battery unit, or from the mains; there's an aux line-in jack; it's lightweight and comes with an elegant and protective zip-up travel case.

Logitech says that you can get ten hours of playback from one full charge, which proved to be pretty accurate.

Solid feel

Input options are a bit light but at least there's an aux input, so it could double as a desktop speaker for your Mac, too. The build is great, everything feels solid.

We, ahem, accidentally dropped it while testing and it fell about two feet on to a wooden floor. It suffered no dings, nor did it pick up any worrying rattles. The speakers are covered by tough metal grills to protect them, and the two foldout stands around the back are strongly put together.

At a price of only £70, this model is at the low end of our Group Test, but it impressed us with its all-round ability and comes with a very clear and engaging sound.

We therefore recommend the mm50 to anyone looking for a small speaker for a small space without losing quality or build. James Ellerbeck

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