FuroSystems Aventa review

The eye-catching FuroSystems Aventa e-bike blends performance with plenty of style

FuroSystems Aventa
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While the FuroSystems Aventa e-bike provides great looks and very sprightly performance, the format works best on well-groomed surfaces. With its narrow wheels and tyres, and no suspension, the ride quality is quite harsh. However, the design, build and lightweight specification mean this is an electric bike that can be ridden with ease in the right surroundings and on the right surfaces. Even without using the battery assistance we found the Aventa to be simple to ride, but it proved enjoyably potent when squeezing that hub motor for all its worth. The bike also seems like great value compared to other models at this price point.


  • +

    Lightweight design

  • +

    Sprightly performance

  • +

    Quality components


  • -

    Fairly hard ride

  • -

    Unforgiving saddle

  • -

    Narrow wheels

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Two-minute review

With its keenly priced appeal, great looks and dependable performance the FuroSystems Aventa is certainly an electric bike that’s worth considering, particularly if you're on a budget. It feels like an electric bike that’s been carefully designed, with some fancy flourishes on the style front that make it look more premium than the price tag suggests.

There’s also plenty of assistance on-tap from the Samsung battery and a Bafang hub motor combination, but the Aventa is light enough at just under 17kg to be enjoyed as a non-pedal assisted ride too thanks to its Shimano nine-speed cassette. Indeed, its lightweight feel, agile performance and dynamic handling make the e-bike perfect for the growing proliferation of perfectly manicured cycle lanes.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

The FuroSystems Aventa feels less enjoyable on rougher surfaces though, with those narrow wheels and tires, along with an uncompromising saddle delivering a ride that sits on the harder side of the comfort scale.

Nevertheless, the overall impression left by the Aventa is one of quality and solid performance, boosted by a generally excellent collection of components.

Price and release date

The FuroSystems Aventa was released in March 2021. It costs £1,399 (about $1,935 / AU$2,492) and is available direct from FuroSystems.


FuroSystems is a British startup that’s already known for its Fuze electric scooter. The company also has the Furo X, an electric folding bike. The FuroSystems Aventa, meanwhile, adds another stylish product to the portfolio and is described as a ‘next generation urban electric bike’. You could argue that it’s really just another e-bike, but the Aventa does look a little more eye-catching than some of its rivals, and that’s mainly down to the design.

The Aventa’s price is certainly keen when you start delving into this e-bike's components. There’s an aluminum alloy 6061 frame for starters, which contributes a lot to shaving off weight. Indeed, it’s just under 17kg. Despite its lightweight build the Aventa is suited for riders weighing up to 120kg, so it has the potential to appeal to a fairly wide market.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

FuroSystems hasn’t skimped on the other components assembled here either, with a Shimano Altus nine-speed derailleur, Tektro HD-E290 disc brakes and Kenda K193/700 tyres to single out three core features. The all important electrically-assisted pedal power is courtesy of a Banfang hub motor integrated into the rear wheel.

The battery itself is a 2.5kg, 36v 10.4Ah 375Wh Samsung Lithium-ion number, so all looks good on the specification front. Combined with the Nokee handlebar-mounted computer and six levels of power assist the FuroSystems Aventa is a solid proposition.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

However, it’s the design that has more going for it than the average e-bike at this sort of price. The frame has been nicely designed to include the battery pack in the downtube, and the black finish and bold graphics lend the e-bike imposing appeal.

A notable design feature is the integrated Ultra-Light, or headlight, that is not only integral, but actually comes built into the frame. While it makes the Aventa stand out from the crowd, and avoids the need for a separate battery-powered light, this seems like quite a lot of trouble to go to for a bike part that can frequently need to be maintained.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

Our test model came with front and rear fenders, luggage carrier, kickstand and a clip-on rear light, but these all appear to be extras available for an additional fee. You’ll need those fenders in wet conditions though, as the narrow wheels and tires flick up plenty of water.


The FuroSystems Aventa was noticeably easier to get out of the box than some e-bikes we’ve tested, so the lightweight feel is immediately apparent. That sets up expectations nicely for the first ride, with an initial spin around the block proving to be fast, fun and feisty. The Aventa does feel light, and that’s reflected in the way it gets down the road.

The bike exudes quality too, which is mirrored in the performance. While the Bafang hub motor is fairly by-the-numbers and the power delivery is similar to other models armed with this common component, the agile feel of the bike itself makes the Aventa great fun.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

That’s just as long as you’re on a decent solid surface though. We headed to a disused railway trail with a combination of gravel and unpaved surfaces and the Aventa felt quite jittery on the rougher stuff. Those narrow wheels and tires could catch out anyone not concentrating, or squeezing too much out of the battery and motor combo. That said, you can stop quick enough with those great brakes.

Returning to the roads we found the Aventa to be much happier, although the ride is still quite harsh. You’ll want to avoid, rather than head for bumps in the road and the saddle on longer runs will test the patience of both you and your posterior too. The bike does go though, with the hub motor said to deliver 250W of continuous power and up to 500W of power when it’s needed most.

Used in tandem with the nine-speed gearing, you’ve got an e-bike that feels more than up for a long day spent touring the highways and byways. It can also hit the 25km/h standard top speed with ease.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

As for range, FuroSystems reckons the bike is good for over 80km and we see no reason to disagree with that, depending on how you ride it of course. The Nokee computer boasts a nice clear display so it’s easy to keep tabs on the power controls, distance travelled and so on. It does look fairly easy to damage though and only time will tell over the durability of this predominantly plastic component.

The motor controls are also nicely put together, so it’s easy to wring every last drop of potential out of the Aventa. Our charge time of just over five hours after a couple of longish runs coincided with the 5.5-hour average charge time quoted by FuroSystems.

FuroSystems Aventa

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

This is definitely a bike that you should ideally try before you buy though. It offers an upright riding position and the Aventa does feel light. That’ll be a real bonus for many riders, but if you’re the type that likes to take on a variety of surfaces during a day out then you might find it a little skittish on less than great roads.

Considering just how many bad surfaces most bike riders have to deal with on an average journey the reasonably harsh ride might be a little off-putting too.

First reviewed April 2021

Buy it if

You want a lightweight e-bike
At under 17kg the FuroSystems Aventa is simple to ride and easy to manhandle when you need to, despite its motor and battery.

Value is everything
While there are cheaper e-bikes out there the FuroSystems Aventa has a very decent specification making it a highly atttractive proposition. You get a lot for the money.

You’re cycling on roads
Those narrow wheels and tires make the FuroSystems Aventa best suited to hard surfaces, ideally smooth bike lanes rather than rough tracks or off-road trails.

Don't buy it if

You plan to head off-road
The FuroSystems Aventa isn’t suited to rough and tumble conditions, with a design that will make the going very tough if you head into off-road territory.

More gears are your thing
This is a nine-speed e-bike, so if you prefer working more gears despite having the back-up of an electric hub motor you’ll want to bypass the FuroSystems Aventa.

You demand a silky smooth ride
While it handles great, the FuroSystems Aventa delivers quite a hard ride, so it’s less suited to those who require a bike that puts comfort before performance.

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