Fnatic Streak 65 LP

Maximum performance with the Fnatic Streak 65 LP

Fnatic Streak 65 LP
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TechRadar Verdict

The Fnatic Streak 65 LP is at first glance sleek and stylish with its stunning RGB and aluminum body – and the more you explore, the more it impresses. Its custom Kailh Switches are snappy, accurate, and a joy to use; its sound dampening efforts are appreciated. It’s clear it was designed by professional gamers for professional gamers.


  • +

    16.8 million color RGB lighting

  • +

    Exceptional sound dampening

  • +

    Fnatic Speed Kailh Choc V2 orange switches


  • -

    Wireless connectivity would have been a step up

  • -

    Its software could do more for you

  • -

    Visible screws

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Fnatic Streak 65 LP: One-minute review


Here are the keys specs for the Fnatic Streak 65 LP:

Keyboard type: Mechanical
Size: 65%
Switches: FNATIC SPEED (low-profile), ultra-fast Kailh Choc V2
Connectivity: Wired, USB-C
Memory: Onboard
OS Support: Windows 10, and 11. Mac OS, Chrome OS
Compatibility: PC, laptop, PS4/5, Xbox and Mac

The Fnatic Streak 65 LP has performance at its heart but doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. It’s a mechanical keyboard that’s low profile and comes with a compact 65%  layout, onboard memory, gorgeous RGB lighting, and custom Fnatic Speed Kailh Choc V2 orange switches, which according to Fnatic are the fastest mechanical switches on the market.

It’s also incredibly affordable. Some of the best gaming keyboards out right now are far more expensive and in key ways don’t compare to the Streak 65 LP. We think the LP could have easily cost an extra $20-30 and still be worth it.

Fnatic Streak 65 LP: Price and availability

  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Available on Fnatic’s website and Amazon

The Fnatic Streak 65 LP costs $119.99 (£110.00, around AU$171), which is beyond reasonable when you consider its features – the RGB, the custom Kailh switches, the textured doubleshot PBT keycaps, and the noise-dampening. It’s available to purchase on the Fnatic website. It is also available on Amazon in black and Amazon UK where the Streak 65 LP (white) is currently on offer for 5% off.

The Fnatic Streak 65 LP is quite close to pecking its way to the top of the pecking order. The HyperX Alloy Origins 65 has an actuation point of 1.8 mm and a travel distance of 3.8 mm, which lags a little bit too far behind the LP. It does, though, have an 80 million keypress life cycle, 10 million more than the LP’s.

Meanwhile, the Corsair K65 Mini, is the LP’s closest competition, with a 100 million keypress lifecycle, and an up to 0.2 mm actuation point, with its Cherry MX Red switches, but it’s a cheeky 60%, not a 65%, and it’s pricier. And, the LP’s own antecedent, the Streak 65, which was an already pretty decent mechanical keyboard deserves a hearty mention, but pales in comparison.

  • Price and availability: 4 / 5

Fnatic Streak 65 LP

(Image credit: Future / Rosario Blue)

Fnatic Streak 65 LP: Design

  • Aluminum metal build
  • Sound dampening
  • Beautiful RGB lighting

The Fnatic Streak 65 LP mechanical gaming keyboard is stunningly designed. It’s available in black and white; we reviewed the white version. Upon first glance, it appears relatively basic, but on closer inspection, the details are extremely pleasing. And that’s before you turn it on and see its breathtaking RGB.

It is a 65% keyboard, and therefore much more compact than a full-sized one. And at 420 grams, it’s quite lightweight. Across the top spine is a removable magnetic Fnatic sign, which can be swapped out, though Fnatic isn’t currently selling replacements. There’s a fair bit of branding: “Fnatic”, again, on the top plate, Fnatic’s logo on the space bar, and STREAK on the side.

Fnatic Streak 65 LP

(Image credit: Future / Rosario Blue)

On either side of the base are two pull-out rubberized feet, which open to the side rather than the back. At the lower base of the keyboard are gray properly-grippy rubber grips.

The keycaps are white texturised doubleshot PBT with gray translucent lettering. The keys’ secondary functions, accessed by the FN key, are printed on their fronts. The keycaps aren’t full size, revealing the orange Kailh switches and making the RGB lighting more noticeable. Underneath the keys, screws can be seen, which for some might be a nice accent, but for us, they’re an eyesore.

Fnatic Streak 65 LP

(Image credit: Future / Rosario Blue)

The 1.8-meter USB-C cable detachable cable is not only braided but coiled, which is pretty unusual in a modern keyboard, and quite pleasing to look at.

  • Design: 4 / 5

Fnatic Streak 65 LP: Performance

  • Lifespan of 70 million key presses
  • Custom Fnatic Kailh Choc V2 orange switches
  • Low profile so less strain on fingers and wrists

The Fnatic Streak 65 LP mechanical gaming keyboard performs superbly. Its low-profile keycaps, switches, and form factor makes it comfortable to use for longer without wrist strain.

The keycaps, being doubleshot PBT, won’t wear out any time soon. They feel comfortable to use and, thanks to extra foam in the base of the keyboard, make very little noise. The sound that is heard is a dull thump, rather than a heavy hollow sound that carries through the board like many gaming keyboards we’ve tested.

Fnatic Streak 65 LP

(Image credit: Future / Rosario Blue)

The Streak 65 LP has a polling rate of 1000Hz and 8MB of onboard memory. The switches used are Fnatic’s Speed Kailh Choc V2 orange switches; they’re linear and have a switch actuation of 1.1 mm and a travel distance of 3.2 mm, even shorter than the Cherry MX Red, considered one of the best gaming keyboard switches.

Fnatic Streak 65 LP

(Image credit: Future / Rosario Blue)

The travel distance makes the switches super fast to respond. The keys feel very stable and solid. They have barely any wobble, and the pre-lubricated stabilizers make them a gamer’s dream. And a gamer’s dream is a typist’s dream: the keyboard provides a smooth typing experience.

Playing high-speed games, you can really see the Streak 65 LP thrive. FPSes like Valorant and Destiny 2 are satisfying to play. The keyboard feels accurate and responsive, and we find that the more intense the game, the more you could really appreciate the keyboard’s build quality.

Then there’s the breathtaking lighting, which rivals the HyperX Alloy Origins 65’s equally breathtaking RGB lighting. The LP can display 16.8 million colors, which are fully customizable in Fnatic’s OP software (we mean its name is actually “OP”, not that it’s overpowered). This software lets you manage color, frequency, and even the direction of the lighting. There are eight patterns to choose from including “rain”, “wave”, and “reactive”.

OP also allows you to set macros and remap keys. The program is not as powerful as Roccat’s Swarm software, but it’s definitely not underpowered.

Many keys have secondary functions, which can be accessed with the FN key. FN + c toggles a very Fnatic mode, Competition Mode. This reduces the lighting intensity and disables the Windows key.

There are four programmable keys along the right-hand side of the keyboard. Finally, there is 8GB of onboard memory for saving your settings.

  • Performance: 4.5 / 5

Should I buy the Fnatic Streak 65 LP?

Fnatic Streak 65 LP

(Image credit: Future / Rosario Blue)

Buy it if…

You’re hardcore into gaming
The Fnatic Streak 65 LP is designed for gamers by gamers. Its low-profile, textured double-shot PBT keycaps, and ultrafast low-profile switches are designed to help you game at your best.

You want a stealth mechanical gaming keyboard
The Streak 65 LP takes stealth to another level. Its switches have lubricated stabilizers to reduce sound and rattling, and the base has extra foam in it. It’s definitely quiet.

You want a keyboard that looks as good as it performs
Its white aluminum build and stunning 16.8 million colors RGB make the LP a stunning peripheral. But its performance shows gaming was at the heart of its build.

Don’t buy it if...

You don’t need its millisecond switch actuation
Ain’t no shame in it. You can get a cheaper keyboard, even with RGB, that can give you just as nice a gaming experience without the extras.

You want a wireless keyboard
Although great, the Fnatic Streak 65 LP is wired. While the cable is detachable, a wireless keyboard would take it to the next level, especially for added mobility.

You believe low-profile keyboards are a gimmick
Understandable, and, while we can vouch for the low-profile capabilities of the Streak 65 LP, it may just simply not be for you. That’s OK.

Also consider


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SteelSeries Apex Pro
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Fnatic Streak 65 LP: Report card

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ValueFor a keyboard with such attention to detail, amazing specs, truly designed for the professional gamer, its price is very reasonable.4 / 5
DesignThe Streak 65 LP’s gorgeous RGB lighting and sleek, but functional and modern design puts it up there in aesthetics.4 / 5
PerformanceSharp, snappy and accurate performance from the Fnatic Streak 65 LP. It takes performance to the next level.4.5 / 5
Total (Average)The Fnatic Streak 65 LP is a 65% aluminum mechanical keyboard with professional-grade performance and a reasonable price.4.2 / 5
  • First reviewed August 2022


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