Lomo Sprocket Rocket review

Big, bold and beautiful - retro analogue snapper put to the test

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Lomo sprocket rocket

In terms of image quality, with Lomo cameras you're not looking for perfection. You can get crisp, perfectly exposed images from your digital camera after all.

With the Sprocket Rocket, as with pretty much all Lomo cameras, the charm is in the light leaks, odd colours and the occasions when you don't get the camera settings right and the photo is a dud.

You might find yourself disappointed with the results the first time you get a roll of film developed, but for us, the waiting to see what turns out was the most exciting part. And, perhaps more importantly, going back to using a film camera is a great way to learn about the fundamentals of photography and learn about shutter speeds.

We used a 100 speed XPRO CHROME colour film supplied by Lomography. The colours were bright and punchy without going overboard with vibrancy. However, it perhaps would have been better to use 400 or 800 film with the camera to get brighter results, especially when using the camera in darker locations or indoors.

You'll probably find you get slightly different results depending on the film selection you use, so it's worth experimenting with different varieties until you find a type you like.