DxO One review

DxO puts its optics design and image correction knowhow into a 20Mp camera for your iPhone

DxO One

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A camera's signal to noise ratio is a good indicator of how 'noisy' its images are at different ISO (sensitivity) settings. The higher the signal to noise ratio the better, because that means the camera is capturing more actual image data and less random noise. Our figures are measured using DxO Analyzer in laboratory conditions.

DxO One signal to noise ratio charts

DxO One lab test charts

JPEG signal to noise ratio analysis: The DxO One's JPEG images are very much in the middle of the pack for noise levels at most ISO settings.

DxO One lab test charts

Raw (converted to TIFF) signal to noise ratio: Again, the DxO One's results are very close to those of its rivals – though the Canon G7 X does seem to have a clear noise advantage at low to medium ISO settings.