DxO One review

DxO puts its optics design and image correction knowhow into a 20Mp camera for your iPhone

DxO One

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Dynamic range is a measure of the camera's ability to capture scenes with a very wide brightness range without losing detail in the brightest or darkest areas. We use DxO Analyzer test equipment to measure dynamic range in laboratory conditions.

DxO One dynamic range charts

DxO One lab test charts

JPEG dynamic range analysis: Just as it did in the JPEG resolution test, the DxO One produces slightly disappointing results here, too, lagging behind the Sony RX100 IV, Canon G7 X and Panasonic CM1.

DxO One lab test charts

Raw (converted to TIFF) dynamic range analysis: Again, the DxO One delivers its best results when you shoot raw files. This time it beats all its rivals, though the gap closes by ISO 800. At lower ISOs its dynamic range is very good, and similar to that you'd expect from DSLRs or compact system cameras with much bigger sensors.