Sharp Quattron LC46LE821E review

Forget 3D, Quattron technology is here to blow you away

The LC46LE821E is the first Quattron TV from Sharp - more will follow

TechRadar Verdict

A superb LCD TV that shows us the next big thing in TV performance may not be 3D after all


  • +

    Ground-breaking colours

  • +

    Often excellent picture generally

  • +

    Good design

  • +

    Freeview HD built in

  • +

    Decent connectivity


  • -

    No online features

  • -

    Black levels could be better

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The whole world and its mother seems to be talking about 3D right now. That's where the hype machine is headed, to an extent unprecedented since the first arrival of HD.

As a result, it would be easy to imagine that 3D is the only interesting new thing happening in the world of TV this year.

But actually, nothing could be further from the truth. For tucked away in a small corner of your nearest quality AV store, probably hidden behind a heaving pile of 3D TVs, you might soon be able to pick out a 'Quattron' TV from Sharp, almost apologetically claiming to be the world's first TV to use Quad Pixel technology.

Yes, we know - it doesn't sound very exciting.

Hardly up there on the AV front with watching Manchester United lose at home to Chelsea in 3D. But we strongly suggest that you don't just wander by these Sharp Quattron sets in search of 3D kicks.

For if you actually pause and look closely at them, they might just end up persuading you that maybe 3D isn't so important after all...

The 821E model we're looking at today sits in the middle of a three-strong set of Quattron ranges.

It's joined by 40-inch and 46-inch versions (the 40LE821E and 46LE821E), while the lower spec LE811E series has just 40-inch and 46-inch models (the 40LE811E and 46LE811E), and lacks the DLNA functionality, the time shift functionality, and the flat-front design.

The top-end LE921 models, meanwhile - which are now delayed until September - add 200Hz to the mix, and will be available in 40-inch (the 40LE921E), 46-inch (the 46LE921E) and 60-inch (the 60LE921E) versions.

So, want one of the best LCD TVs ever made? Want to watch and crucially record Freeview HD? Read on...

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