Samsung UE32H6200 review

An unusually high-performance if expensive small-screen TV

Samsung UE32H6200

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The UE32H6200 is a rare thing these days: a small-screen (32-inch) TV that wants to inject some real quality into your AV life rather than following the lead of most of its peers and just focussing on saving you money.

Among its many charms are a quad-core processing engine driving a startlingly feature and content-rich smart TV engine, complete with all the key UK broadcaster catch-up TV platforms and a sophisticated learning/recommendations system.

The heavy duty processing also benefits the UE32H6200's pictures, helping them deliver excellent sharpness, colour resolution and contrast for the small-screen market.

Some aspects of the UE32H6200's operating system are a little inscrutable and the set is, perhaps inevitably, quite expensive by the 32-inch TV market generally. But if you're flush enough to put quality first even on a small-screen TV, the UE32H6200 is a great option.

We liked

Picture and sound quality are both impressive by today's small-screen standards, and the set's smart TV features are extensive and prettily presented.

We disliked

It's not cheap for a 32-inch TV, some aspects of its operating system don't feel especially intuitive, and we can't help but wonder if it's really worth paying to have 3D on such a small TV.


If 32 inches is really as big a screen as you're looking for and you're more interested in picture quality than saving money, then you'd be crazy not to add the UE32H6200 to your audition list. Especially given how few small-screen TVs there are these days with a serious interest in AV quality.

Just bear in mind, though, that you could get a significantly bigger but still decent TV for £500 these days, and that you could save money elsewhere in the 32-inch world by being willing to do without 3D (something we'd argue doesn't really work anyway on such a small screen).

John Archer
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