Samsung LE40M87BDX review

The most vivid pictures we've ever seen on a TV screen

TechRadar Verdict

A fantastic LCD that takes the format to new levels of quality


  • +

    Excellent specification

    Great price


  • -

    Standard-def pictures not perfect

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Here's a preface: we liked this TV so much, we bought one.

A journalist spending £900 is not something that happens often, but there's a good reason in this case. Firstly, an utterly unbelievable spec, starting with a 15000:1 contrast ratio, which means the blackest blacks and the brightest whites, and the most vivid picture we've ever seen on a TV screen.

This can get a little overwhelming sometimes, but the built-in colour modes help to dim it down when it's not appropriate.

Hooked up to a PC it's a wonder, and the full 1980 x 1050 resolution is yours to enjoy if your graphics card is up to it.

Our only slight concern is that standard definition sources can be really exposed by the sheer size of the screen: if you've never noticed compression artefacts on DVDs before, try watching them on a 40in panel with brilliant colour separation.

Even so, the M86 has impressive image upscaling ability, and handles the task with more aplomb than most. This is a truly great TV, and, if anything, £900 just seems too cheap.