Panasonic TX-P50G30B review

This 50-inch plasma is one the best 2D TVs you can buy

Panasonic TX-P50G30B
If you want the best picture possible and are not interested in 3D, give this plasma TV an audition

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Panasonic tx-p50g30b

The TX-P50G30GB is proof not only that Panasonic hasn't become so pre-occupied with 3D that it's forgotten how to knock out a quality flat-o-vision screen, but also that plasma can still hold its own against its LED counterpart.

Its performance with Blu-rays is utterly beguiling, enabling it to provide a genuine alternative to a night at the local fleapit.

We liked

Built like a tank, and designed with panache, the TX-P50G30B feels worthy of its £1,100 price tag as soon as you take it out of the box. That feeling continues with cinematic images, worthwhile Viera Connect portal and calibration possibilities.

We disliked

Compared to LED rivals, the TX-P50G30B lacks a bit of brightness and its speakers are short of oomph. In terms of usability, some of the menus and the remote control would benefit from a redesign and having Overscan switched on by default is just plain irritating.

Final verdict

The TX-P50G30B is a fine hi-def TV. On top of this, it's a multimedia marvel, so if you want your next TV to be smarter than a PhD student, this could be it.

However, you may want your next TV to be 3D ready, which the TX-P50G30B isn't. More importantly, you may want it to be the absolute best the brand offers, and for that you'll need to step up to Panasonic's VT30 range. Of course, doing that means you're getting 3D whether you like it or not.

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