Milty Permaclean kit review

A cleaning solution for CDs, DVDs and vinyl

Milty Permaclean kit
Keep your discs in pristine condition with this all-purpose cleaner

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    Good price

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    Works on all disc formats


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    Doesn't last long

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Most cleaners for LP are dedicated to that medium, ditto those for CD. The Milty Permaclean kit is eminently suitable for both, which in itself is something of a selling point.

It's actually as simple as simple can be, consisting of a small aerosol can of solvent and a double-sided velvet pad. Spray some solvent on one side of a disc, then wipe it off complete with grease and grime. It takes a few seconds and while the last few traces of solvent evaporate you can move on to the other side.

The same procedure works perfectly well on CDs, DVDs and so on, single-sided of course. The use of chemical solvents on LPs is always a cause for nervousness, but Milty claims that extensive tests have shown this one to have no effect on vinyl and we're happy to concur that we found none in our tests.

Another possible drawback is dragging large particles of dirt round the grooves of an LP and causing more damage, but again we couldn't persuade ourselves that the soft velvet pad was doing anything of the kind.

Indeed we found this a very quick and effective way of cleaning all kinds of discs. Fingerprinted CDs were returned to their original status as confirmed by a precision error-checking test and LPs came up nicely noise-free, on a par with those cleaned on a professional machine. The velvet pad can be brushed clean when dry and the aerosol treats up to 40 LPs.

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