Creative Aurvana DJ headphones review

Great headphones that'll make your ears bleed liquid gold

You can listen to loud music as much as you want, and very little music leaks out to annoy people

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Great for DJs, and also for anyone else who wants to listen to loud music without annoying people in the same room


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    Fantastic sound quality Price is right Minimal sound leakage


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    Bulk Weight

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Creative is by no means a big company in comparison to the likes of Apple and Asus. However, it has at least one thing in common with organisations such as these, in that it makes bloody good products.

And while Creative is surely best known for its cracking line-up of soundcards and Zen MP3 players, it also makes a pretty decent range of headphones. Over the last 12 months, Creative has been expanding its range of cans under the high-end Aurvana brand.

The Aurvana DJs are designed especially for – you guessed it – DJs. Featuring a brushed-metal exterior and fairly comfy listening cups, these headphones look and feel great. They also have a very long, coiled audio cable so that you can wonder around two metres from the output source of your music.

Fantastic sound quality

But do they sound any good? Absolutely, yes. DJs are among the most discerning of music fans, and so DJ headphones have to perform at a level not normally required for the average user.

The headphones are heavier than the Aurvana Live headphones, and they need to be, too. The heavy-duty brushed-metal exterior serves to keep sound leakage to an absolute minimum. And that’s important because the kind of people who might end up using these cans are the kind that like to listen to bass-heavy music, very loudly.

Online retailers currently have the Aurvana DJ headphones priced exactly the same as the lightweight, super-awesome Aurvana Live headphones. So if you want a pair from Creative, you need to assess what you want to use them for before you buy.

If you want to listen to high-quality, uncompressed music, and you don’t mind if your headphones are slightly on the bulky side, the DJs are for you.

Pretty heavy and bulky

We did a test in the office. We got a number of people from some of our sister magazines PC Answers, PC Format and PC Plus to come and do a blind test. Pretty much all of them preferred the sound of the Aurvana DJs over the Aurvana Lives, with more than one genre of music.

The difference was negligible, but the winner was unanimous.

Launched a year ago, these headphones were a lot more expensive than they are today. So if you’re looking for some new high-grade headphones, you could do a lot worse than to buy a pair of these. And frankly at under £60, they’re an absolute steal.

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