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HBO finally links up with iTunes UK

HBO content finally available on iTunes
HBO content finally available on iTunes

HBO has completed its much-anticipate link-up with Apple iTunes and is offering its delectable TV delights for download at the UK iTunes store.

While not every HBO drama is available for download at the iTunes store, the American TV company has released its 'top 5' shows.

These are (in no particular order): The Sopranos, Entourage, Sex And The City, Rome, and The Wire.

Not every season

Just to make things that little more confusing, not all episodes or seasons are available as of yet.

The programmes available are bizarrely: Sex And The City seasons 1 to 6, which works as it's the girls' complete works; Entourage season 1 and Season 5, which will confuse the pants off of you if you watch consecutively; Rome season 1 & 2, which makes sense; The Wire season 1 and season 5, do not even attempt to watch five before two through to four; and The Sopranos season 1 and Season 6a and 6b – why oh why does HBO tease us like this?

Each episode is available for £1.89 and seasons can be bought for as little as £15.12.