Your next iPhone may charge using USB-C

Apple announced late in 2018 that it would be switching from its Lightning adapter technology to USB-C for the latest iPad Pro range, and it may be doing the exact same for the iPhone in the near future.

A new report from trusted Apple blog Macotakara cites "those who are working on it" as their source, and they say the company is working on a switch to USB-C tech.

The site clarifies that the company has yet to reach the reference design stage with a USB-C port, so it may not be something we see on 2019's iPhones. So instead of being on the iPhone 11 it may appear on the next generation of handsets.

Macotakara has a relatively solid history of leaking Apple news, but it hasn't been perfect at predicting the company's movements, so it may well be that this never comes to pass. Essentially, take all of this news with a big pinch of salt.

Fancy an MP3?

The same blog has also shared news that Apple may be working on a next-gen iPod Touch. The last one was announced and released by Apple in 2015, and Macotakara believes this next iPod Touch will be ready and on sale before the end of this year.

There aren't any spec details for the new iPod Touch, but it's just said to be a refresh of the last model. The iPhone range has come a long way in the last four years so it may be a major upgrade under the hood and in terms of its features.

A 32GB iPod Touch cost $199 (£159, about AU$280) in 2015, so we'd at least hope for more storage and there may even be an even higher capacity variant, as the last model only went up to 128GB, while the most recent iPhone range can go up to 512GB.

We expect to hear officially about the new iPhone later in the year - we usually hear about new Apple devices in September - and we might hear about a new iPod Touch then too.

Via MacRumors, The Next Web

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