You can now use your child’s phone addiction to make them smarter

Do you find your child’s addiction to their phone or tablet is standing in the way of their education? Here’s a simple trick to help you fool them into learning while they play.

Play My Way is an app parents can install on their kid’s phone or tablet that will encourage them to learn while still using the games and apps they love.

Whenever the parents want, Play My Way will stop the child being able to use the device until they answer an educational question.

For example, to keep playing Pokémon Go your child would have to answer a math equation and get it right before the game continues. They won't be able to cheat either as the rest of the device's apps won't work until it has been answered.

Parents can decide on the frequency of questions, in intervals of three to twenty minutes, as well as what topics will come up. There are different levels depending on the age of your child.

True parental control

TechRadar spoke to Play My Way CEO Salma Jawhar, at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016, who confirmed the app will soon support questions for those of a pre-school age too.

There’s no way for your child to get around the block either – they will need to know your PIN number to be able to do anything else on the phone or tablet.

Play My Way is free on the App Store and Google Play Store and you’ll be able to install it on your little one's phone or tablet immediately.

The app won't have any effect over what your child is doing in between questions though, so you'll need to set up other parental controls to ensure they're not seeing anything online that you don't want them to.

James Peckham

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