You can now use your Apple Watch with Technogym equipment

You can now pair your Apple Watch with certain gym equipment to get a more accurate reading during your indoor workouts.

WatchOS 4.2 now allows you to pair your Apple wearable with equipment from manufacturer Technogym that you can use either at home or at your local fitness center.

Compatible equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and indoor bikes. Once you've paired your watch it will then sync with the equipment to give you a more accurate recording on your Apple Watch for speed, distance, floors climbed, incline, pace and calories.

Technogym believes this will give you the "most accurate measurements possible" from using an Apple Watch in a gym-based setting.

Tap to run

Whether your local gym will have compatible equipment may be an issue. Technogym has only been shipping Apple Watch-ready NFC hardware since September this year.

Nicola De Cesare, commercial and business development director of digital solutions for TechnoGym, previously confirmed to TechRadar: "For the equipment with the Unity platform, there will be an upgrade kit." 

That means your gym may be able to support Apple Watch on older equipment too. Your best bet is to speak to your gym's staff to find out whether the Technogym equipment is set up to connect to Apple Watch.

It's not just the Apple Watch 3 either – no matter what version of the wearable you own, you'll just need to download the latest watchOS 4.2 software to be able to get it up and running at your local gym.

Apple is also partnering with other gym equipment specialists including LifeFitness, Cybex, Matrix, Star Trac, Schwinn and StairMaster, but Technogym is the first to announce support – we don't currently know when machines from those other brands will be supported.

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