Technology becoming more fashionable than clothes

Headphones - cooler than shoes
Headphones - cooler than shoes

Microsoft believes that technology is starting to replace clothing in terms of defining 'fashion' insisting that more and more of us are 'putting gadgets over Gucci'.

In a slightly odd survey, which, if true, finally makes the TechRadar team fashionable, forty per cent of 1,000 polled suggested that the gadgets they carry round with them is more important to their style than it was five years ago.

Microsoft's 'Tech to impress' report believes that the growth of mobile working has helped fuel the change in perception. We see cool people on BlackBerrys and with an iPhone, PSP or netbook and it colours our opinion of their style.

Consumer shopping habits

"The news is backed up by consumer shopping habits which has seen spending of mobile technology rise by 14 per cent in the past five years, with nearly a quarter of the population admitting to purchasing a piece of technology based only on its appearance – regardless of whether they really needed it," added the report.

43 per cent of those surveyed would rather spend their money on tech than clothing and 60 per cent confessed to leaving their gadget out on the table so that their friends would see it.

Jimmy Choos or CPUs?

And apparently it is women that are most fuelling this change – although some may suggest that this is because men have traditionally already been more impressed with gadgets than, say, shoes.

Commenting on the findings, Pat McNulty, Assistant Editor of InStyle online said: "Without any doubt, modern women are putting more of a focus than ever on the tech accessories they carry around with them to help compliment their overall image.

"It's not just about the hottest Mulberry bag or those lustworthy Louboutin heels any more… A style savvy girl wants the sleekest, sexiest gadgets around and she isn't afraid to use them! Being able to pull the hottest piece of technology from her handbag is all part of the modern woman's independent image."

To celebrate the revelation, Microsoft has set up a fashion website with some of its coolest gadgets like, err, mice. We're not kidding - go and check it out.

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