One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
News, put through a blender and fed to you through a digital straw

Welcome to our latest tech round-up which skims the outer fringes of the tech stratosphere to bring you news which is 20 per cent bizarre, 32 per cent informative, 43 per cent jaw dropping and 5 per cent WTF.

Considering 32 per cent of all statistics are made up, there's a pretty good chance that even if you aren't bothered about those bizarre WTF moments that are not only jaw dropping but informative, you may find some morsel of tech news that interests you anyway.

So, make sure you are wearing protection and dive into our link bonanza…

Resident Sony - Most people who watched the trailer for Resident Evil 6 were transfixed by the zombies and beautiful graphics. Apparently this wasn't geeky enough for some, who watched it for the mobile phone spoilers. So, is the Arc HD in RE6 trailer? Tech2 seems to think so. [Tech2]

RIM takes stock - It seems that a change of guard at RIM isn't enough to keep its stock from falling as the appointment of new CEO Thorsten Heins saw the company's stock take a tumble. Personally, we think everyone needs to give Heins time to ketchup. [Engadget]

Facebook fiends - Your Facebook friends suck when it comes to doing real friend things, according to a new study that found that when you are having a crisis only one or two of your Facebook friends will come to your help. The rest are probably too busy playing Farmville. [Telegraph]

Thanks for the ad - Japanese mobile carrier KDDI has begun adding non-removable ads into its Android devices which once again shows that even though Android is open, this can be detrimental to the end user. [Electronista]

Go directly to jail - Our phone boffin Gareth Beavis explained today why iPhone needs to be more like Android and one of his reasonings was that nearly one million iPhone 4S and iPad 2s were jailbroken in three days. Which shows that not even Apple users like to be spoon-fed. Or does it? [Gizmodo UK]

In the game - Fifa 12 is officially the highest grossing sports game ever. And it's also one of the only places in the world where you will see Torres score… as long as Torres isn't the one controlling the virtual Torres that is. [T3]

Spam not-a-lot - It was shock and indeed horror in the TechRadar camp today when we realised that Twitter was actually trying to do something about the myriad spam bots which reside on the micro-blogging site, with news it has snapped up anti-malware firm Dasient. @hmmMariannax will not be happy. [SlashGear]

Siri gets an admirer - If Siri ever gets angry with you barking orders at it and runs off to another iOS user, then don't worry as a viable alternative has turned up and it is called Evi. For some reason, the logo for Evi only has one eye but don't let that put you off – it's worked remarkably well for Leela in Futurama. Also, we can't wait for Apple's inevitable 'Don't be Evi' adverts. [iMore]

Thundercats Ho! - Those clever bods at Aurasma – you know, the ones that sponsor Spurs – have created some new augmented reality tech for Thundercats and Ben 10 toys that brings them to (virtual) life. Mind blowing stuff if you are 10 years old. Check it out:

Wikileaks TV - Not content with leaking the world's secrets, Julian Assange is to host his very own online TV series. We are suspecting it will be a little less Graham Norton, a little more Newsnight. Though we have heard rumours he really wants to take on the FBI Wipeout-style. [Guardian]

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