One More Thing: The Tim Cook iPhone cooker

One more thing: The Tim Cook iPhone cooker
News shrunk like Dennis Quaid in InnerSpace

With most of the TechRadar team flying out to Barcelona for MWC 2012 on Sunday, this Friday is no longer the gateway to the weekend but the weekend itself.

This means Gareth's spent most of the day in a onesie watching repeats of Columbo, Kate has finally perfected her ballet pirouette and John has… well, we can't actually write down what John is doing without fear of arrest. But let's just say it is bad. So very bad.

Some of us though are still in work mode and the result is One More Thing; tech news for those who find even 140 characters that little bit taxing.

Tim Cooker – At first glance we thought Tim Cook had decided to take his surname at face value and branch Apple out into kitchen accessories. But it seems those pesky counterfeiters in China have been putting the iPhone name on to anything they can get their hands on. The latest gadget is an iPhone branded cooker. Which is obviously not real – we know this because the image clearly shows Flash in the pan. [Dvice]

iPhone cooker


Dilbert for president – Everyone's favourite office drone Dilbert has managed to sum up the idea of 'phablets' (the horrible portmanteau of phone and tablet) in three brilliantly smart comic frames. Let's just say he is not amused. [Dilbert]

Hit me baby – Former bedroom pin-up now autotuned songstress Britney Spears has had many accolades in her life but none as special as being the first person on Google+ to reach 2 million followers. To be fair she's been pleading for hits since her debut song. [TheNextWeb]

Riggity Trek yourself – A long lost Star Trek script has only gone and found its way on to Kindle, which means you can beam words from the episode He Walked Among Us straight to your Amazon ereader. Apparently the Kobo was set to get the script but then Spock pointed out that the Kindle was really the only logical choice… [The Verge]

Phone fun – According to a new survey by mBlox a whopping 90 per cent of 18-24 year olds in the UK spend up to five hours on a mobile phone every single day, while 1 in 3 would purchase stuff on their phones. Also… hang on, to make this information a lot sexier we have an infographic - that is both informative and graphic - which you can use your eyes to see below. Oh yes.

Infographic - informative and graphic

Making waves – Samsung and Visa will allow you to pay with things at the Olympics through a new NFC system called payWave. It won't make you run like Bolt, swim like Adlington or dive like Daley but it will save you having to go into your wallet and take out real money – which is something we all hate to do. [TheNextWeb]

Go-ing for gold – Sky Go is now available for some more smartphones, the HTC Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S2. Obviously, if you have any Android phone not from those brands then you are a looooser. [CoolSmartphone]

Cheque Republic(an) – A pub landlady has won a court battle with Sky over rights to show football matches in her establishment through a Greek TV decoder. Because this is the first time something Greece-based has made money in years, she is going to celebrate by cracking out the hummus and getting absolutely tanked on a vat of ouzo. [BBC]

Game for a laugh – PlayBook user(s) take note, you can now get free games and it's all because PlayBook OS 2.0 has launched. Well, we say games – don't get too excited as it's just Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD and Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD. But they are free! [PR]

Tranformers, roll out – The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is about to get an Ice Cream Sandwich update, with the US getting first dibs. Now, we know Optimus Prime personally and he's not an ice cream fan, he's loves prime ribs. Obviously. [Android Spin]

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