One More Thing: Streaming is the new download in Sweden

One More Thing: Streaming is the new download in Sweden
Spotify - in the money

Digital music monsters - Spotify v. iTunes, round two: ding ding! In Spotify's native Sweden, music streaming is now accounts for 89% of digital music sales. Bad news for the download, which is down by 14%. Is it time for another format change already? Jeez. [MusicAlly]

Noisy - Eagle-eyed Comic Con attendees spotted a Halo 4 branded Xbox 360 which apparently "makes its own sounds". Microsoft is currently making the sound of silence on the subject though so we can't tell you what that means, really. [Eurogamer]

Peeping Major Tom - Red5's Spy Hawk remote controlled plane can stream video shot with the 5MP camera on its nose which sounds nifty but could take you one step closer to your first restraining order if you're not careful (and you have £245.95 to burn). Pre-order is open now. [Red5]

Calm as still water - If you know your Starks from your Lannisters then you might want to check out the trailer for Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, a free, browser-based MMORPG based on the titular television show. [PR]

Cat-atonic - We're not really sure why these mood-controlled brain-wave reading oversized cat ears exist, but they do. Wonderfully, Necomimi's website seems to imply that brides-to-be might want to wear them on their big day. [Necomimi]

cat ears

Oh, two - O2's epic network outage yesterday may have allowed tagged crims to roam the streets after curfew because the electronic tags track them using O2 SIM cards. That's nearly as bad as us not being able to post a picture of our dinner on Twitter 'til we got home!! [Gizmodo UK]

Apples and pears - There's nothing more exciting going on in technology right now than the categorisation of apps so brace yourself for BIG NEWS: the Apple App Store now has the Food and Drink category that we knew was coming. [9to5Mac]

Monsters inc - Lady Gaga's Little Monsters social network is now out of beta and live for all. It is basically what you'd get if Pinterest, Reddit and Facebook had a baby. [Little Monsters]

Eye browsing - You want to play eye-controlled Pong but you don't want to spend thousands of pounds? Well, how about a £40 system that you'll have to build yourself? Yes? Good. Now, can we get you anything else? Moon on a stick? [The Verge]

Sizer Kose - Apparently people are buying bigger TVs from John Lewis than ever before. Sales of 46-inch TVs are up 103% since February this year. Could it have anything to do with this summer of sport we keep hearing about? [PR]

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